Innovation in Pixels: ZT Tosha's Latest NFT Gallery

This collection comprises a captivating combination of cut-up oil paintings, exquisite drawings, and striking digital patterns

Architects of Wisdom

"Transcending Time and Space" - NFT Collection

Aquis Submersus

"Transcending Time and Space" - NFT Collection

Memory and Composition

"Transcending Time and Space" - NFT Collection

Immaterial Field Triptych

"Transcending Time and Space" - NFT Collection

“Transcending Time and Space” invites us to relinquish the constraints of the here and now, to traverse the uncharted dimensions of temporality and spatiality. ZT Tosha, through this beguiling collection, gifts us the opportunity to suspend ourselves in the intangible, to engage with light and art in a symbiotic dance that shatters the boundaries of convention.


Art Gallery

A high resolution signed limited edition print

All ZT Tosha’s fine art prints are professionally produced to the finest archival standards. Each print is limited edition fine art print, created hand numbered and signed on the back area, (verso) by ZT Tosha.