"Difference is Repetition" video installation by ZT Tosha

At Yale Observatory, Bethany CT, USA, ZT Tosha is exhibiting his video art installation, “Difference is Repetition”. “Circularity is the repetition of predetermined images, which are thoughts themselves. Repetition makes it impossible for one to see the beginning of thought, but it is repetition, not thought, that is the true beginning” – ZT Tosha


With his digital art, fine art prints, ZT Tosha examines how digital technology has changed our conceptions of space, time, culture, and how ‘new media art’ has historically reflected upon them. It is a limited edition fine art print created by ZT Tosha, hand-numbered and signed on the verso. All ZT Tosha Art prints are professionally produced to the highest archival standards.


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A work of art is created on the belief that an activity called art exists.A belief that art exists precedes the creation of a work of art. In order to believe in art, you need to have knowledge of art, and you need to know the conditions under which that knowledge is transmitted. The beliefs we hold about art form the basis of our aesthetic judgments. Though it always precedes artistic creation, it nevertheless bears witness to the passage of time that follows the gap between what man believes in and what he faces.Art is permanently torn between past judgments and the proposals it receives in the present.

ZT Tosha achieved worldwide recognition for his subversion of the classical image. ZT Tosha emphasizes that our actions have become symbiotic with our environment and that our behavior is a function of the situation, not of our internal traits. “We act depending on the circumstances at the time, not based on some collection of traits. My paintings are a reflection of the conflict between the formal composition of an image and its content. The ambiguity of an image’s composition expresses a tension between memory and content.”

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