ZT Tosha : Subversion of the classical image

Material things, time, and space are all factors affecting the way we think. Consequently, we believe that we cannot think without these concepts. Although thoughts are limited and confined by their participation in time, space, and matter, their absence from these things does not limit or extend them. In contrast to corporeal and worldly things, the mind is not restricted or confined by things that do not relate to it. To believe, we don’t need logic or proof. Our thoughts are conditioned by time and space, but infinite time and infinite space cannot be contemplated.
Fira Internacional d’Art de Barcelona
04-05 November 2022.
Museu Marítim Barcelona
Opening: Friday, 4th November, 2022 from 18 – 22 pm
Museu Maritim de Barcelona (Sala Gran)
By Invitation or ticket only.

NFTs and Copyright Infringement

With my NFT, I chose to include the original digital image file along with the token. Once the transaction is completed, I will send an original JPG image file to the customer. Whether a work of art is printed or not, it cannot be owned without the appropriate NFT. In case you wish to verify the authenticity of the artwork later, the NFT token verifies that it belongs to only you. It allows you to connect with artists and register their support. The owner in the example above could theoretically postpone the request for a physical copy until a later date. In this case, the creator becomes the guardian of the physical representation while the owner does not want it.