The Constant Hallucination

The Self-Referential Art of ZT Tosha

Exploring the Tension Between Form and Content: ZT Tosha’s art is a reflection of the tension between the formal framework and the content of an image. His works are an exploration of the unconscious and irrational, resulting in compositions with ambiguous content that reveal the tensions between content and composition. What makes his art unique is its self-referential nature. The artwork does not refer to anything outside of itself, but rather, it is focused on the internal dynamics of the image

This self-referential aspect of ZT Tosha’s art is what sets it apart from other forms of art. It is a reflection of the internal conflict between the formal composition and the content of an image. The ambiguity of an image’s composition expresses a tension between memory and content, revealing how the situation we find ourselves in shapes our actions, rather than our internal traits.

The upcoming release of his latest NFT piece on April 5th is a highly anticipated event, providing art enthusiasts and collectors with an opportunity to own a stunning work of art and a piece of history. ZT Tosha’s innovative approach to NFTs has opened up new avenues for creativity and exploration in the art world, and his artistic prowess continues to leave a lasting impression on all who experience his work.

ZT Tosha

"NFT is like painting except paint never dries."

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