"Difference is Repetition" video installation by ZT Tosha

At Yale Observatory, Bethany CT, USA, ZT Tosha is exhibiting his video art installation, “Difference is Repetition”. “Circularity is the repetition of predetermined images, which are thoughts themselves. Repetition makes it impossible for one to see the beginning of thought, but it is repetition, not thought, that is the true beginning” – ZT Tosha


With his digital art, fine art prints, ZT Tosha examines how digital technology has changed our conceptions of space, time, culture, and how ‘new media art’ has historically reflected upon them. It is a limited edition fine art print created by ZT Tosha, hand-numbered and signed on the verso. All ZT Tosha Art prints are professionally produced to the highest archival standards.


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A work of art is created on the assumption that art exists, according to ZT Tosha. Through his artwork, Tosh explores the conflict between the formal framework and the content of the image. These conflicts result in a work of art that is both surreal and abstract, a work of art that refers to nothing outside of itself.Tosha relies on irrationality and the unconscious to express his unrest with the conventional norms and conventions of his time. It is his beliefs about art that guide his aesthetic judgments. Tosha’s artwork reflects the passage of time that comes along with a gap between what a person believes and what he or she faces. “The work of art will remain permanently torn between past judgments and present suggestions if it cannot separate itself from them permanently.”ZT Tosha taken from Artprice.com

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