Time Makes Becoming

Art Diamond ,June 2024,The Gonzaga Diocesan Museum in Mantua. Italy
Finally, the last exhibition before summer! This exhibition will take place at the Diocesan Museum of Mantua, located in the main cloister of the former Augustinian monastery of Sant’Agnese, a building steeped in history. It dates back to the Mantuan blessed Giovanni Bono (1168-1249).

ZT Tosha - Time Makes Becoming , Mixed Media, Ultra HD-print op aluminium Dibond Size : 56”x32" | 142,2cm x 80 cm Year : 2023

A Garden for Orpheus

In my artistic expression, I am drawn to exploring the ways in which we remember history, particularly the nuanced interaction between visual representation and personal memory. I find deep fascination in cases where images depart from our collective understanding, encouraging introspection and questioning. Furthermore, I reject the notion of a singular, fixed mode of conduct. I acknowledge that each situation presents its own unique demands, and I strive to respond authentically to the context at hand. Rather than adhering rigidly to a predetermined set of rules, I prioritize adaptability and intuition, seeking to act in a manner that aligns with the immediate circumstances and resonates with the moment.

A Garden for Orpheus by ZT Tosha

" by ZT Tosha

A Garden for Orpheus

by ZT Tosha

Dive into the depths of human consciousness with ‘A Garden for Orpheus, ‘ a captivating journey that merges art and philosophy to illuminate the hidden corridors of our minds. Crafted by visionary artist ZT Tosha, this transformative collection invites you to explore the profound mysteries of existence.

In this intellectual odyssey, ‘A Garden for Orpheus’ delves into the fundamental questions of consciousness, probing the boundaries between the physical and the metaphysical. Through a synergy of artistic vision and philosophical inquiry, the book unveils the unseen forces shaping our reality and challenges us to reconsider the nature of our existence.

Within its pages, ‘A Garden for Orpheus’ serves as both a mirror and a portal, reflecting our innermost thoughts and offering glimpses into uncharted territories of the psyche. Each vibrant image by ZT Tosha is a fusion of artistic expression and deep contemplation, accompanied by insightful narration that renders abstract concepts tangible and comprehensible.

Themes of introspection and exploration permeate the narrative, urging readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. Rather than providing definitive answers, ‘A Garden for Orpheus’ ignites curiosity and imagination, fostering a profound internal dialogue that transcends the pages of the book.

Embark on this unparalleled voyage into the human experience, where art and thought converge to reveal the boundless potential of the human spirit. Join us as we venture into the depths of consciousness, guided by the transformative power of ‘A Garden for Orpheus, ‘ awaiting to illuminate and inspire.