ZT Tosha Story

Thanks to cell phone and other similar products, we don’t stop keep broadcasting ourselves onto social media, making ourselves both the subject and object while testifying our own reality as it unfolds.

The website serves primarily as a living digital archive of stories and works of art from anyone who wishes to share.!

It is evident that the development of new means of communication, is changing our sense of reality. the media make narratives of memory and identity into dominant and meaningful representations of reality.

Dissatisfied with his early painting, Tosha sought to develop a music based in everyday sounds, bird song and sound of alarm. Tosha’s artistic experiments in destabilizing the frame of reference were very opposite of the “single-meaning” of his exhibitions at the time.

“My recent artwork is done in series, a method whereby one image can generate another and where images can be formulated and then reformulated. My abstract paintings often turn out completely different to what I’d planned.” ZT Tosha

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