Artist’s Spotlight – Interview with:

ZT Tosha

“My behavior is determined by the situation and not by some internal traits. I do what is expedient at the moment, I respond to the moment and not based on a collection of traits. ” Zoran Tosic Tosha a.k.a ZT Tosha achieved worldwide recognition for his subversion of the classical image.

I start with a blank canvas, adding gray aerial perspective, while constantly rotating the canvas. Then I pour or splash paint directly from their tubes onto a horizontal surface (drip technique), enabling me to view and paint his canvases from all angles. Taking my color palette from the scene that I see at that moment, I paint to replicate the look of the original scene. I don’t create blurs. I blur things to make everything equally important and unimportant.

I stop working on canvas when I see that everything is equally important and unimportant.


No. Art is based on theories of the idea of reality that comes from imagination. The minute you have an idea in your head,  you can find details easily to complete the picture.

The blind man is able to make a perfect 3D sculpture, but at the same time he is unable to paint 2D pictures.  Art connects observations with experiences, and imagination with ideas.

During night we imagine a time, time is light, night is matter, night is a place.

Art doesn’t shape our collective memory. Social mediation of images does.

It is clear that the development of new means of communication changes our sense of reality. The media convey stories of memory and identity in dominant and meaningful portrayals of reality.  Social media allows us to skip traditional media and establish relationships with the audience directly.