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Transcending Time and Space

This collection comprises a captivating combination of cut-up oil paintings, exquisite drawings, and striking digital patterns


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International Art Prize in Madrid

18.09 - 17.10 2023
Madrid, Spain

Sanremo Biennale Italy

14 - 17.09.2023
Ariston Theater in Sanremo,Italy


International Prize of Contemporary Art

July 24 - August 19 2023
Vienna, Austria

The Leonardo da Vinci

April 5 th 2023
Milan Italy

Tokyo Tower Art Fair

10 - 12 March 2023
Gallery 3 Tokyo, Japan


10 Dec– 10 Jan 2023
Artland Gallery Online, Denmark


Fira Internacional d’Art de Barcelona

04-05 Nov 2022
Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

ZT Tosha Blockchain

10 Dec– 10 Feb 2022
ArtLand Gallery Online, Denmark

Craft 39 Artists – Hence The Name

10 Jun– 10 Sep 2022
Gallery Online Artland, Denmark


Formulated And re-formulated

14 Oct – 14 Nov 2021
Gallery Online Artland, Denmark

Difference is Repetition

20 Aug– 10 Sep 20211
Gallery Online Artland, Denmark

Vitruvian Man Yale Observatory

20 Aug– 10 Sep 2021
Yale Observatory, Bethany CT USA

Transcending Time and Space

“Transcending Time and Space” invites us to relinquish the constraints of the here and now, to traverse the uncharted dimensions of temporality and spatiality. ZT Tosha, through this beguiling collection, gifts us the opportunity to suspend ourselves in the intangible, to engage with light and art in a symbiotic dance that shatters the boundaries of convention.

As we stand before these luminous monuments, we are reminded that art is more than pigment on canvas– it’s a conduit for journeys, a bridge between realms, and a testament to the boundless nature of human creativity.

Yet, “Transcending Time and Space” is more than a mere temporal exploration; it’s a venture into the intangible expanses of space itself. The artist’s deft hand conjures an illusion of depth that transcends the two-dimensional realm, leading the viewer’s gaze into an otherworldly expanse.

As one gazes upon the collection, the sensation of being suspended within an infinite cosmos envelops the senses.

Architects of Wisdom

"Transcending Time and Space" - NFT Collection

Aquis Submersus

"Transcending Time and Space" - NFT Collection

Memory and Composition

"Transcending Time and Space" - NFT Collection

Immaterial Field Triptych

"Transcending Time and Space" - NFT Collection

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A high resolution signed limited edition print

All ZT Tosha’s fine art prints are professionally produced to the finest archival standards. Each print is limited edition fine art print, created hand numbered and signed on the back area, (verso) by ZT Tosha.